Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Provide a “Top Notch” client experience through Master Stylist and Young Hip innovative techniques. Influence is committed to a culture of creativity, growth, and mutual prosperity based on inspiring education, quality techniques, quality products, teamwork and community outreach.  Exceeding our clients’ high expectations and recognize every client as our core focus. Highly trained staff along with a clean work environment and positive atmosphere will be a stand out difference from other Salons in the surrounding area.


Founder Justin Edward Jachura has been in the service industry his whole life.  Born into the hair business by a Detroit Union Barber Shop owner and his beautician wife, Mr. Jachura quickly learned about the importance of customer service.  Mr. Jachura has ran many successful businesses in all areas of the service industry, from President in a local painting contractor company dealing with military contracts to his current partnerships in local restaurants and currently is President of the well known Señor Grubby’s in Carlsbad.  Mr. Jachura is excited to finally get in the “Family Business” of hair and to provide downtown Oceanside something they haven’t seen and at a level unmatched.  Our Founder is also highly involved in community outreach & strongly feels that giving back is a key part of running any business. Mr. Jachura would like to say “Thanks for your support & together we can build a stronger community!”


Why “Paul Mitchell”?  Paul Mitchell has been the industry standard for years with training, support and corporate structure unparalleled to any.  Client trust is number one between a stylist and their client. With the recognizable name of Paul Mitchell clients will feel comfortable from the time they walk through the door knowing that they are in the presence of highly trained staff. Paul Mitchell has also led the industry in “green products” with planting over 200,000 trees and absolutely no animal testing which is also at the core of our beliefs.